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UPDATE: Ahmaud Arbery Exposé

The shooting of Ahmaud Arbery has created quite a stir across the nation. People are angry and demanding answers. Yet with so much misinformation and partial truths circulating, it’s difficult to find the truth.

Given that, the Baxley Informer has decided to revisit this case, and hopefully publish a full exposé. There is a lot of documentation that hasn’t been exposed, and we believe that good or bad, the public has a right to all the facts.

Please be patient with us while we work to get these documents, and quite frankly, for us to find them. Open Records requests are tricky things, so if a request isn’t worded perfectly, it’s possible to think you have everything, when in fact, you do not.

As always, we’ll do our best to bring you the truth.

Our hope is that once this information is made public, and if any wrong-doing was found, those responsible will be held accountable. Maybe then, tempers will begin to calm, and this community can heal.



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