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Major Update: DA Jackie Johnson's Arrogance And Disregard For The Jury

This is a major update to our last article, “Jackie Johnson’s Arrogance And Disregard For The Jury,” which can be read by clicking here.

While investigating the shooting death of Jerrod Tyre, we ran into roadblocks obtaining evidence. Below is an excerpt from our last article describing them:

“…From what we could conclude, it must have been something they saw in the video labeled Exhibit 69 that swayed them.

Exhibit 69 was what Agent Kelly claimed to be the “primary” video. It was the dashcam video from Officer Kornegay’s truck, the truck that Officer Brantley had positioned himself behind, and had the best, up-close and unobstructed view of the shooting.

After the coroner's inquest, when the files became public, this video should’ve been available to the public. Yet, when the family's lawyer tried to obtain it, he ran into some alarming roadblocks. He originally went to the Clerk of Court, but then was told he had to get it from the judge. When he got to the judge's office, he was sent back to the Clerk of Court, and told that the judge had sealed the video and it couldn't be released. When the clerk's office was asked to provide the documentation proving the video had been sealed, they changed their tune, and pulled up their records. According to the lawyer, the clerk's face suddenly paled as she stared at her computer screen, then, without any explanation she claimed she couldn't release the video, and she was afraid she'd lose her job if she did.

Apparently, somebody went to great lengths to hide this video.

Even when we searched through the GBI case file, we discovered that the "primary" video was missing. When we contacted the GBI and tried to obtain it, we got the same runaround the family had gotten at the Clerk of Court's office. They began by claiming they’d already given us everything. When we produced proof that the video was missing, they backtracked and claimed it must have been saved to their archives. Why that video would have been placed in the archives and not all the other videos in that case file was never mentioned. They eventually "found" it and said they'd mail it to us. Assuming it’s the correct video, we’ll post it as soon as it's received.

It seems oddly coincidental that the video the GBI considered to be the “primary” video was somehow “unavailable” at the Wayne County Courthouse AND was the same video that the GBI had “misplaced.”…”

Thanks to a GBI agent who was willing to search through the GBI archives, we now have the video that someone influenced the Wayne County Clerk of Court and Judges to hide from the public.

The video shows what we expected to find. It seems to justify the jury’s verdict that the shooting was an unjustified homicide.

The video below was taken from Officer Kornegay’s truck. Officer Brantley was by the passenger side door, on the right side of the video. When you watch it, you’ll see Jerrod Tyre calmly walk toward the left-front corner of the hood, as if he’d decided to lean against the truck and talk with the officers. A few feet before he reached the vehicle, Officer Brantley shot him.

In his GBI interview, Officer Brantley claimed that he thought Jerrod might come around the vehicles and start shooting the officers. This video suggests it was a lie.

After Jerrod was shot and not moving, the officers kept weapons pointed at Jerrod. One officer attempted to handcuff him. Jerrod was severely wounded, he wasn’t moving, and no one had checked for a pulse or offered medical assistance.

***WARNING-The following video is extremely graphic***

In the district attorney’s letter to the GBI explaining why they declined pursuing criminal charges, they claimed that Jerrod Tyre was “aggressively advancing” on the deputies, and “any reasonable man would have been justified in apprehending that a violent felony was about to be committed.”

Well, every single juror in the coroner’s inquest didn’t think so. But maybe DA Jackie Johnson truly believed Jerrod Tyre’s homicide was justified. Or perhaps this was a political move.

DA Jackie Johnson personally thanked Sheriff John Carter when she was appointed district attorney, claiming that he, and a few others, had been “especially helpful to Jackie.” Considering the debt she must’ve felt for his help, was it prudent for her to have any say in a case involving his office or deputies? Should DA Jackie Johnson have recused herself?



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